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Security: What is Malware?

Posted by Richard Common on 14-Jul-2017 16:34:37

Malware is a term used for Malicious Software.

This software can get into your computer and perform actions without your permission, giving hackers full access to your machine. You could compare it to a common cold. You probably can’t remember the exact time you got infected and it may even stay dormant. However, once it’s active, you start to notice the damage its actually doing. Just like a cold, malware changes over time. It develops constantly and finds new ways to access your device or go around your antivirus software. Mal-ware was initially designed as a form of cyber vandalism, breaking computers or changing your background. It has since been adopted by cyber criminals and is used to hold files for ransom, steal passwords to access bank accounts or track information to steal identities.

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Security Bulletin - Microsoft provides patch Office Word zero day flaw

Posted by Richard Common on 11-Apr-2017 11:42:00

A new zero-day security flaw that affects all versions of Microsoft Office - Word has been revealed. Researchers said that the bug can be used to secretly install malware, even on fully patched machines. 

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PCI Unified Communications in the news

Posted by Richard Common on 13-Mar-2017 12:24:44

Richard Common and Joe Olabode talk about the business benefits of doing things slightly different when it comes to the modern way of working.

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Ultimate Business Productivity Booster

Posted by Richard Common on 13-Feb-2017 12:57:45


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Security Bulletin : Update every Apple device you have

Posted by Richard Common on 27-Jan-2017 12:00:35

Earlier this week, Apple released updates to the operating systems behind all its most popular devices to increase security —including the iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, and Apple computers—and although the company often updates its operating systems with minor changes or fixes, these may be more pressing. As they do not provide specific information on the vulnerabilities it has discovered in its operating systems so as to not alert hackers to the issues, but as Wired points out, each operating system’s fixes involve removing an attacker’s ability to “execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges”—essentially being able to take control of the device running that system.

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A day in the life of a modern executive

Posted by Richard Common on 20-Jan-2017 10:00:28


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5 tips to fortify the Human Firewall for Business IT

Posted by Richard Common on 13-Jan-2017 21:00:00


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What is a Human Firewall? and how it differs from a firewall appliance

Posted by Richard Common on 11-Jan-2017 13:06:38

Cyber attacks and breaches in data security and IT security happen almost every single day. Many presume that software gaps or technology mistakes wholly contribute to these attacks, but in reality, human mistakes contribute about 31% of these cyber breaches.

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Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 on any device for Edinburgh Business

Posted by Richard Common on 03-Jan-2017 15:39:16

Familiar Office experience designed for iPad with Word, PowerPoint, Excel

  • Fantastic touch experience built from the ground up for iPad
  • Edit, create, and collaborate to create beautifully designed documents
  • Anywhere access to your up-to-date documents in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

Office apps on any device

  • Seamlessly switch devices and keep the rich experience using Office Mobile, Office Online, Office for iPad
  • Create professional output even without your own machine, using any browser
  • Get your personalized Office experience on all your devices with Office 365 ProPlus
  • Be instantly productive in a new location by streaming Office to any Internet-connected PC
  • Full, rich Office experience, even offline with Office365 ProPlus

Touch, Ink and Voice

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Held to Ransom Without a Masked Gunman in Sight

Posted by Richard Common on 23-Dec-2016 10:07:51

The new year is now upon us and even in the space of a 1-2 week holiday period, things have changed. New types of fraud will have been devised when everyone's guard is down.

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