2 IT Support Best Practice Tips

//2 IT Support Best Practice Tips

2 IT Support Best Practice Tips

2 IT Support Best Practice tips to consider when choosing a Managed Services Provider

When choosing an IT Support Managed Services Provider, take note of these 2 best practice tips that you should look for as it could save you time, energy and money!

IT Support Contract

What you DO NOT want is a nasty clause regarding the auto-renewal of a contract for the same period if you have not given notice. This is there purely as an exercise to trip you up and therefore guaranteeing the provider another year of service revenue.

Ask yourself: why would a potential new new provider be looking to catch me out before we have even engaged?

then ask yourself: Can I really trust this organisation to deliver services knowing that they tried to trip me up before we even started?

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Credit Checks

Check the potential provider out on a service such as Credit Safe. Ask the relevant questions:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do the financials demonstrate a sustainable business?
  • Have the Directors got a history of starting and closing companies?

In summary, most people will not consider the suggestions above and will go headlong into a 3-year agreement and within this period, anything could happen – to the business and your money.

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