3 things to check with your Newcastle IT Support Provider

//3 things to check with your Newcastle IT Support Provider

3 things to check with your Newcastle IT Support Provider

Often, a Newcastle business will just happily sign up to a contract for 3rd party IT Services oblivious to the T&C’s. Don’t get caught out! Here are 3 ways you could be stung by your Newcastle IT Support Provider:

Hardware Maintenance

This can be tricky as you would expect your hardware to run without problems and the low cost of the Remote and Telephone support you have been offered is tempting. But what happens when a hardware fault has been diagnosed?

  • You will be presented with a bill for replacement.
  • You will have to wait until next-day for the manufacturers care pack / warranty to provide a fix.
  • The SLA may be breached.

This can clearly cause ill-feeling as your business may have stopped because of the fault and may not be back up and running until the end of next business day minimum. A lot of IT Support contracts in the Newcastle region fail to address the hardware element.

Lesson 1

Explicitly ask about Hardware Maintenance element of the IT Support contract you are about to sign

The Automatic IT Support Contract Renewal

Another aspect that can cause ill-feeling in the Newcastle area is the notice period that is stated in the contract. On the ones we see, there is a 3 month notice period. If you miss this “dealine”, the provider stance can become aggressive in nature which does not bode well for the ongoing relationship.

Lesson 2

Explicitly ask about termination, renewal processes, information handover and make sure any dates are placed in the diaries of your internal staff so the notice period is known in advance.

Lack of information in the quote, proposal or contract

You must make sure that you have itemised services in your IT Support Contract. IT Service Providers in Newcastle will often be as vague as possible in order to be non-committal when a situation arises and the contract is called upon. We have seen a quote consisting of 2 paragraphs for thousands of pounds of services with no detail.

Lesson 3

When you have told the potential IT Support Provider of what services your business needs, make sure each service is listed in the Support Agreement along with any particulars. If a disagreement arises in the future, you will need to call on this document and wouldn’t it be great to be in the position where it was all laid out at from the beginning!

As always, I hope you have found this informative and it keeps you out of contract trouble. You can get more insiders views below:

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