3 things to check with your Sunderland IT Support Provider

//3 things to check with your Sunderland IT Support Provider

3 things to check with your Sunderland IT Support Provider

Often, a Sunderland business will  sign  a contract for third-party IT Support Services, oblivious to the detail buried in the Terms and Conditions. Below are three contract items to look out for:

Hardware Cover

You expect your hardware to run without encountering any problems. This, and the low cost of the Remote and Telephone support you have been offered is tempting. What happens when a hardware fault occurs?

  • You will be presented with a bill for replacement.
  • You will have to wait until next-day for the manufacturers warranty or a carepack to provide a fix.
  • If an SLA has been offered, the HW problem may have breached the SLA

Your business may have stopped because of the fault and may not be back up and running until minimum next day. A lot of IT Support contracts in the Sunderland / Wearside region don’t mention hardware cover.

Lesson 1

Make sure that Hardware cover is considered in the IT Support contract you are about to sign.

 IT Support Contract Renewal Notice Period

An aspect that can cause ill-feeling in the Sunderland area is the contract notice period stated in the contract T&C’s. There could be a three-month notice period and if you miss this, the provider could still hold you to this. If you are leaving because of poor serivce, they have nothing to lose and so can insist on another year, knowing the business relationship has failed.

Lesson 2

Explicitly ask about contract notice period, renewal process, handover of business IT information and place the renewal/termination notice dates in the company diary to keep it in mind at the future date.

1-page quotations

Check your quote and/or existing contract. Is there a distinct lack of itemised services in your IT Support Contract? IT Service Providers in Sunderland can be vague with detail in order to be non-committal when a problem arises and there is a need to reference the contract. Half-page quotes for services costing over £3000 per annum are not uncommon!

Lesson 3

Advise what services your business needs. Make sure each service is listed in the Agreement. If a disagreement arises in the future, you will need to refer to this document and it is in your interest to have as much itemised as possible.

As always, I hope you have found this informative and it keeps you out of contract trouble. You can get more insiders views below:

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