4 items to check regarding Hardware Maintenance & IT Support Newcastle

//4 items to check regarding Hardware Maintenance & IT Support Newcastle

4 items to check regarding Hardware Maintenance & IT Support Newcastle

Here are the 3 most common ways a Newcastle-based Business will get caught out when looking to outsource to a Managed Support Provider (MSP). These apply to businesses with an existing contract or to those who are looking to change IT Service provider.

Hardware Maintenance (or lack of)

You would expect your computer infrastructure to run without problems.

The cost efficiency of the support proposal you have been offered looks great but what is not clear is that it excludes hardware. What happens when there is a hardware fault?

  • You could be presented with a bill for replacement as there may be a clause in your agreement which states that no quote will be offered and that to get business functional again, hardware will be procured and fitted without warning.
  • You could be billed for time and labour charges as the service you signed up for excluded any onsite time.
  • Depending on the manufacturers warranty, you may have to wait until end of next business day for the vendors care pack to a fix.
  • There may not have been an SLA published in the proposal as it excluded hardware. This means there is no formal urgency to resolve the issues.

Your business may have stopped because of the fault and while this may be fine in a lot of industries and business sizes, it certainly is not OK for the majority.  A lot of IT Support Newcastle contracts in the (and in the North East in general) fail to address the hardware element.

As always, I hope you have found this informative and it keeps you out of contract trouble. You can get more insiders views below:

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