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A day in the life of a modern executive

Posted by Richard Common on 20-Jan-2017 10:00:28
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Some Statistics on the Modern Executive day:a day in the life of a modern executive pci services cisco unify partner.png

  • 31 bags of complimentary peanuts consumed per month.
  • 55 handshakes per week, give or take a few.
  • 863 PDFs downloaded per year.
  • 6 cups of coffee per day, but who’s counting?
  • 19 emails received per hour (on a good day).

If any of these hypothetical numbers seem remotely true to you, keep reading to see how PCI Services can help the busiest executives stay in touch throughout the day with unified comms...



07:03am - Check email for global team updates and respond with feedback or approval.

08:12am - Commute by train into the city while reviewing quarterly marketing budget.

(70 percent of executives use their mobile devices to gather business information while commuting.)

08:47am - Stop by the corner coffee shop for the obligatory coffee — double shot, of course.

08:50am - Video chat with the China marketing team to discuss product placement analysis. Transfer call seamlessly from phone to any preferred device.

10:00am - Hold a series of videoconference calls with top customers, agency leads, co marketing partners, and HR, using the Unify Openscape Unified Communications system from PCI Services.

12:15pm - Keep up client relations, with fries on the side.

1:30pm - Pitch a new marketing strategy to a client with a subject-matter expert on hand via Unify or Cisco Collaboration Technology to answer any questions.

3:22pm - Get patted down by an overeager airport security agent.

4:00pm - Lead a sales team meeting via tablet while waiting in the airport terminal.

8:05pm - Check in to the hotel just in time to video chat with the kids before bedtime.

9:00pm - Unwind with a drink in the bar!

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