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Posted by Richard Common on 09-Sep-2016 08:00:00
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How is customer service changing?

Think of customer service in three waves:

  1. Wave one is how customer service was in the past,
  2. Wave two is how it has been more recently.
  3. Wave three is how it can be in the attainable future.

You’ll remember wave one, when the contact centre was a physical place, the predominant channel was voice and there were predictable call volumes and times.

You’ll recognise wave two as well – the contact centre went virtual with multiple care channels, but the channels were disjointed.

Wave three, the reachable future, includes not only multiple channels like video, mobile and social, but also continuity across all those channels.

The challenge is to integrate all channels into a seamless, consistent, contextual experience throughout the entire customer journey (Collaboration). Today’s customers want to be taken care of at any time, in any location and on any device, and they expect a level of continuity across those channels of interaction. They want borderless customer care, customer service and customer satisfaction. Borderless customer care can create opportunities for your business to connect in a much more sincere, personal way.


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