CIS for Pegasus Opera 3 Stock Control Module

//CIS for Pegasus Opera 3 Stock Control Module

CIS for Pegasus Opera 3 Stock Control Module

Stock Control

Integration between Stock Control and Contract Purchasing allows stock to be ordered from suppliers against contracts. Stock can be Allocated, Reserved and Issued to a contract, posting relevant costs to the contract. When allocating stock to a contract it is possible to nominate the period in which that allocation is required. This is extremely useful where there is a requirement to plan stock issues to a contract based on when it will be required.

Stock can hold up to three dimensions (such as length, breadth, height) which can be used on the purchase order to calculate and allow ordering in, for example, square metres. The stock system is multi-warehouse and multi-location, so it is possible to look at all stock in a warehouse or at a site.

Monitoring stock levels, knowing where stock is located and knowing what needs to be ordered and when, are all elements managed within the Pegasus CIS Stock Control module for Pegasus Opera 3 Business Software.

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