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Posted by Richard Common on 28-Sep-2016 10:46:30
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Pegasus CIS (PCIS) Subcontractors focuses on controlling all aspects of subcontractor administration, enabling any company that operates under the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme to efficiently manage payments, tax and retention while covering all of the legislative requirements.


PCIS Subcontractors is an ideal solution for contractors who use subcontract labour on their Jobs and need to efficiently handle HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) legislation that governs the use of these subcontractors. PCIS Subcontractors controls all aspects of subcontractor administration from subcontractor verification, invoice / timesheet / application entry and payment, through to generation of the figures required on monthly returns to HMRC & submission of these via the online services.

Using PCIS Subcontractors not only offers control over payments and handles the tax requirements of the Construction Industry Scheme, but also calculates and submits these on the monthly returns to HMRC, ensuring returns are accurate and made on time. The time saving, accuracy and online submissions are key to any company that operates under the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme.


What’s the difference between PCIS Subcontractors and the full PCIS Enterprise solution?

While PCIS Subcontractors Business Software manages the subcontractor element of contracts, PCIS Enterprise is a fully integrated Contract Costing system that manages all of the financial aspects of running a contract. In addition to the features offered by PCIS Subcontractors, PCIS Enterprise also allows the entry of costs from suppliers, direct labour, stock and other areas such as petty cash, together with sales revenue from both Invoices and Applications/ Certifications.


The functionality in the PCIS Subcontractors application is identical in every way to the application included in the full PCIS Enterprise solution. It provides comprehensive facilities to automate the administration of subcontractor orders, invoices, timesheets, applications, certification and payments. Management information can be produced that details a complete analysis of monies owed, committed costs, retentions and discount taken, by Subcontractor and Job.

If using the Subcontractor Applications process then it is possible to record the current Application values, while having the ability to look at the cumulative Applications received on a per Job basis. In real life, contractors will typically use their main subcontractors on more than one job, each with different labour and material splits. For this reason, the PCIS Subcontractors solution also provides a comprehensive Contract Costing system.


The inclusion of the Job Costing system in the PCIS Subcontractors solution acts as a contract management system for those contractors who subcontract most of their work.


The Administration system provides all the processes and commands required to operate PCIS Subcontractors as either a stand alone or as a fully integrated Subcontractors system.

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