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Pegasus Web Xchange Timesheets Demo

Posted by Richard Common on 18-Sep-2016 08:00:00
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Pegasus Web Xchange Timesheets Demo

Time Management

Online Timesheets

Pegasus Web Xchange new Timesheets service has been released, simplifying the submission of timesheets entry and format for manager’s approval or rejection.

Timesheets work seamlessly with Opera 3 Payroll. Approved timesheets in Pegasus Web Xchange are then ready to approve by the Payroll department in Opera 3 Payroll. Users can then select whether to accept or reject a timesheet for import, and if further information is required by the Payroll team, users can drill down to the entries underlying the timesheet.

Empower Employees with Pegasus Web Xchange

Pegasus Web Xchange Timesheets enables employees to create, record and submit a timesheet whether they are at home, at work or out on the road.* They simply enter one or more activities (task and a shift) and submit to their manager for approval once completed. They don’t even need to be users of Opera 3.

Data Accuracy - Minimising mistakes.

Data accuracy is increased with a single point of entry thus limiting chances of incorrect data being entered. Managers also gain greater control and visibility of their employees’ time with the approval process, as they approve or reject timesheet submission. When rejecting timesheets, notes can be added help employees understand why their timesheet has not been approved.

Agile Project Management - Track, monitor and manage efficiency

Project Managers can track and monitor time efficiently by creating projects and associated tasks. Employees can record their hours worked which can be analysed by project, task type, date and worker. The information can be exported to a .CSV file for further analysis, providing a useful management tool.

Efficiency is further enhanced by the ability to spot trends and/or potential issues thus providing new insights into the business especially the cost of labour used on each project.

Strategically HR are freed up from entering data and their time better used for strategic projects therefore less waste, better results and greater cost efficiency all around.

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