Real example of added-value from an IT Support Provider

//Real example of added-value from an IT Support Provider

Real example of added-value from an IT Support Provider

Put simply, your business is only as good as its suppliers. It is easy to fall into the trap of turning services into a commodity and not appreciating any added-value being shown by the IT Support provider.

Yes, you are the customer and will retain control but treating a supplier well will pay dividends in the relationship.

Live example: Customer who is based in multiple locations throughout Europe. Late one night he is struggling to gain access to a secured website. The customer feels comfortable enough to make a direct call to a senior staff member at the IT Services provider. The senior staff member of the IT Support provider also knows that to receive such a call means it is important. 10 minutes of time from each person and the customer has a resolution. This act will pay dividends for as long as the relationship exists.

This should demonstrate that it is worth working together as a trusted partner. Feel comfortable in picking the phone up when you need some advice knowing it will not be an automatic £80 charge!

Check out our ‘6 Key Questions to ask an IT Support Provider‘.

We also provide a free guide full of things to know (and ask) either an existing, or potentially new IT Support provider.

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