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Reason 11 - Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade - Timesheets via Web Xchange

Posted by Richard Common on 27-Aug-2016 13:00:00
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Ease the burden on the payroll team

With Opera and Pegasus Web Xchange, completing and submitting timesheets, whether remotely or in the office, is now at your employees’ fingertips.

Integrating with Opera Payroll & HR, Timesheets via Pegasus Web Xchange allows employees to enter their timesheets from any location that has internet access, using their device of choice. Office-based staff can equally use this simple and highly accessible timesheet recording system to manage their time and activities efficiently.

With a timesheet entry facility that’s integral to Opera, there’s no more need for the payroll team to import numerous timesheets in spreadsheet format every time they perform a payroll run. Consequently, admin time and the possibility of error are significantly reduced.

Employees don’t need to be users of Opera to use Timesheets. They simply log into the Timesheets service, complete their details and submit. The timesheets are then forwarded to their manager, who can approve or reject them.  The manager can add notes to rejected timesheets, and these are then returned to the employee for amendment and resubmission. 

Once approved, timesheets can be imported to Opera 3 Payroll for inclusion in the next payroll run. If further information is required by the Payroll team, they can drill down to the entries underlying the timesheet.

For added flexibility, any employee can be defined as “No Payroll Update”, which means that they can enter timesheets
but these will not be transferred to Opera 3 Payroll. This is useful if the employee is salaried and does not get paid
based on hours worked, or is a contracted employee.

How it works

With Timesheets, managers set up tasks and employees record their hours worked against any of these tasks. Tasks can be project-related, or non-project related such as holiday or sickness, providing a complete time record for each employee.

Timesheets can also cater for time entry against a shift that might include overtime or unsociable hours payments; these can be reported on and can be posted to Opera 3 Payroll.  Employees can partially complete their timesheets and save them for completion later, ideal for recording daily times and submitting them to their manager at the end of the week.

And for workers who have similar work patterns every week, the timesheet can be pre-populated with their usual activities for additional speed and convenience.
Timesheets also offers reporting and analysis functionality.
Time recorded by employees can be analysed by project, task type, date and worker. All this information can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Key features

  • Integration with Opera 3 Payroll.
  • Employees have secure access to enter and review timesheets remotely using PCs, laptops, tablets and
  • Employees don’t need to be users of Opera 3 to use the Timesheets service.
  • Create Projects and Tasks against which time can be posted.
  • Non-project time, such as holidays, can also be posted.
  • Partially complete timesheets can be saved and amended later.
  • Time can be posted against overtime and unsociable hours in order for the correct payments to to be calculated.
  • Timesheets can be pre-populated with the employee’s usual activities.
  • Handles timesheets for subcontractors that are not paid via the payroll.
  • Awaiting Approval timesheet list for Managers.
  • Timesheet Managers, as well as Payroll Administrators, can approve or reject timesheets.
  • Rejected timesheets can be amended by the employee and re-submitted.
  • Bulk e-mailing to employees.

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