Reason 15 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – HMRC VAT 100 Filing Online

//Reason 15 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – HMRC VAT 100 Filing Online

Reason 15 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – HMRC VAT 100 Filing Online

File your VAT return online from Opera 3

HMRC has phased out paper VAT returns. Most companies have to submit their VAT returns online and pay any VAT due electronically.
Opera 3 works with the Online Filing Manager so that you can file your return online using the GovernmentGateway, the internet portal where businesses can access the online services provided by a range of Government departments. Opera 3 and the Online Filing Manager comply with HMRC requirements for filing online.

Transaction values linked to VAT codes that are marked to be included on the VAT100 return are also included on the VAT Online form, which is accessed from the VAT Processing form in the System Manager. The form displays the values for each box on the VAT100 return, calculated by Opera 3 from the sales and supply transactions posted in the application.

You can amend the calculated values if required. After a successful submission has been made to the Government Gateway, the boxes are disabled so you won’t be able to change the values. If a submission is failed by the Government Gateway, you can amend the boxes before submitting the VAT return again.
A note is displayed in the Government Gateway Response box which confirms whether the submission was successful or not.

There are lots of benefits to submitting your VAT Return online:

  • Speed: going through the online registration and enrolment process takes just a few minutes.
  • Security: all transmissions are secure because they are encrypted to the highest commercial standards and you have a unique User ID and password.
  • Convenience: the service is available all the time.
  • Accuracy: there are checks to help reduce errors so there is less chance of having your return sent back to you for correction or clarification.
  • Reliability: you get an acknowledgment from HMRC including a unique submission receipt reference number.

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