Reason 16 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Business Cloud

//Reason 16 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Business Cloud

Reason 16 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Business Cloud

Flexible, mobile and cost-effective

Pegasus Business Cloud (BC) is a flexible, secure and reliable alternative to implementing Opera 3 (O3) on your premises.

O3 is a complete business solution ideal for any small to mid-size business, and purchasing it to own outright is the right decision for many companies. For others, low cost of ownership and the agility offered by mobile computing are just as important. This is why Pegasus now offers you the choice of deploying O3 in the cloud.

Pegasus BC combines the rich functionality of O3 with the flexibility of mobile computing so that users have access to systems, information and processes no matter where they are or which device they have handy. Whether in the office or on the go, on a laptop or on a tablet, they’ll have fast, portable and instant access to O3, allowing them to monitor suppliers, customers, accounts and all the processes that O3 provides…all for a single monthly cost.

When you sign up for O3 in the cloud, a hosted virtual server is available for your use. This server includes Windows Server/SQL Server and 65GB of space, which leaves about 20GB of free space. You also get 5GB RAM. Onto this server is installed an image that contains the operating system, the Opera 3 system and a pre-licensed copy of Microsoft Office. All you need to do to access Pegasus Business Cloud is to download the Citrix Receiver client to the device being used.

Once installation and activations are complete, users log into the Pegasus BC service and use O3 as if it were installed on your premises. This means that it can be accessed from any location that has internet access. Opera 3 on Pegasus Business Cloud works well on desktop and laptop computers and tablets. Because of the screen size on smartphones, these devices are not ideal.

If you decide that O3 in the cloud is the best way forward for your needs, the things to consider when making your decision are the number of Opera 3 users and applications, the number of MS Office users, the internet speed you have available and how much additional disk space or RAM you may require.

Pegasus Business Cloud benefits:

• 24/7 remote access.
• No upfront software licencing costs.
• No recurring annual maintenance costs.
• No investment in hardware infrastructure.
• No requirement for dedicated IT staff.
• Server backup and security are taken care of by the hosting provider.
• Improved cash flow because there’s no up-front capital expenditure, just a monthly operational payment.
• Anti-virus and spam filters are always up-to-date.

 Get the Full Document which contains many reasons to upgrade to Opera 3 Business Software from opera 2:

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