Reason 6 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Email Payslips & HMRC P60

//Reason 6 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Email Payslips & HMRC P60

Reason 6 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Email Payslips & HMRC P60

Reduce the cost and admin time of running your payroll

Opera Payroll offers the option to e-mail payslips and P60s to employees.  This feature comes as standard and can make paper payslips and P60s a thing of the past. You’ll no longer need to procure the relevant forms or incur postage costs; at the click of a button, payslips and P60s can be delivered to the employee’s inbox as a password-protected PDF document. Printed payslips, or a combination of the two, can also be produced.

The cost of printing and posting payslips and the admin time involved can be a considerable overhead for every business, regardless of size, and especially for those that run different payroll frequencies.

Opera Payroll offers the option to e-mail payslips and P60s to employees and can make paper payslips and HMRC P60s a thing of the past. You’ll no longer need to procure the relevant stationery, dedicate admin time or incur postage costs; at the click of a button, payslips and P60s can be delivered to the employee’s inbox as a password-protected PDF document.

E-mailing payslips to employees will make your payroll run much more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. If, however, printed payslips and P60s are required, these can also be produced in the usual way. And with flexibility at the forefront, Opera also allows you to use a combination of both printed and e-mailed payslips and P60s.

Payslip and P60 PDFs are password-protected, initially with passwords automatically assigned to employees by Opera 3.  If employees wish to change their password, they can do so by advising the payroll administrator. When a password is added or changed, it’s only ever visible when it’s being entered into the system; after this, it’s encrypted and displayed as asterisks. To help ensure greater security, Opera 3 won’t allow the duplication of e-mail addresses across different employees.

Setting up employees to receive payslips and P60s by e-mail is quick and easy. Using Quick E-mail Setup, you can either import or enter employee e-mail information quickly to update payroll records. The e-mail editor will then allow you to design the e-mail templates to use for the distribution of passwords, payslips and P60s. Opera 3 gives you the option to design different templates for use with different payroll groups. When you’ve completed these simple steps, employees are set up to receive payslips by e-mail.

Opera three also allows the flexibility of marking individual employees to receive e-mail payslips and P60s. E-mailing payslips will make your payroll run as easy as pressing a button: Opera 3 generates PDFs of the payslips or P60s for the employees you select and the server handles sending the e-mails in the background, so you can continue to process without disruption.

The Check E-mail Status report will display the current status of all the e-mail batches you have generated. As well as payslips or P60s, you can also attach up to three other PDF documents to your e-mails for quick and easy distribution to employees, such as company policies or an HR newsletter.


  • Up to three additional PDF attachments can be added to the e-mails.
  • Up to two e-mail addresses per employee can be stored, either or both of which can be used for e-mailing payslips/P60s and passwords.
  • HMRC-approved electronic P60 designs.
  • Payslips and P60s can be previewed before being sent.
  • E-mail template designs for Welcome, Password, Payslip and P60 e-mails.
  • Global e-mail detail update routine.
  • Employees can either accept the default password assigned to them or request for it to be changed.
  • Employee passwords can be edited individually.
  • The Quick E-mail Setup List is a new report that displays all employees, detailing those who receive their payslips and P60s by e-mail together with their e-mail addresses and what each e-mail address is used for.
  • Previously e-mailed payslips/P60s can be viewed in Employee History in a meaningful format which now includes all the payslip/P60 headings.

The e-mail payslips feature comes as standard with Pegasus Opera 3 Business Software when you upgrade from opera 2

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