Reason 8 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Scheduler & Notification Services

//Reason 8 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Scheduler & Notification Services

Reason 8 – Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade – Scheduler & Notification Services

Running key tasks outside office hours


Some system tasks require exclusive access to your data, meaning that before they can be run all users must log out of Opera 3. Running such tasks during working hours is disruptive to day-to-day processing and ends up costing you time and money. With the Scheduler in the latest Opera, they can be scheduled to run outside the normal working day so that your staff can go about their business without interruption.

You can schedule tasks for the following processes:

  • Backing up data
  • Running the Period End in the Nominal, Sales or Purchase Ledgers
  • Rebuilding the periods in the Nominal Ledger
  • Rebuilding the transaction history in the Nominal Ledger
  • Invoicing/SOP re-organisation
  • POP re-organisation
  • Stock Period End
  • Posting repeat invoices
  • Running Update Data Structures to update your data
  • Tidying system files to clear temporary files and event logs, remove report layout, user and company profile records that have been marked for deletion, and tidy VAT files and exchange rates

Chain Task

You can chain tasks together to run in sequence. For example, you may want to create a chain that runs the Data Backup,
Update Data Structures and Nominal Ledger Period End Tasks, one after the other. Most of the Scheduler tasks can be included in chains.

Scheduler Service

The Scheduler Service allows the generation of Debt Management correspondence to be handled by the server
instead of individual client PCs. This offers significant improvement in productivity and efficiency by allowing users
to continue their work in Opera 3 while processing is done in the background.

Notification Services

The Scheduler uses Opera Notification Services, which offer the options of forcing a shutdown, performing a lockout or sending a message to users logged into Opera.


The Shutdown facility can help you manage a busy multi-user environment by allowing processes that require exclusive access to the system to take place even if users have not logged out.  When you schedule a shutdown in the Scheduling menu, an automatic shutdown will be enforced on all Opera 3 sessions.
You can arrange for users to receive up to three warning messages before the shutdown is executed, ensuring they are aware that a shutdown is scheduled. You can also set a lockout period, to ensure that the process will be completed before users can log back in.

Lockout Only

The ‘Lockout Only’ option denies access to new users whilst allowing existing users to remain logged in. For example, if a member of the finance team needs to perform a Nominal Ledger Period End, or the Payroll administrator needs to perform an update, they can remain logged into Opera to run these processes, while other members of the finance or payroll teams are locked out until the processes are complete. Other teams, such as the sales team, are completely unaffected by the lockout and can continue to process normally.


Keep employees informed of planned activities, such as a system backup. Messages can be sent to users/groups of users via the Opera 3 interface. The sender can define the title, date, time and sending frequency for each message.
Integration between the Scheduler and Notification Services allows you to schedule a message, shutdown or lockout at
the same time as creating a Task in the Scheduler. This significantly reduces the time it would take to set them up

Notification Services also offers integration with CRM.  Notifications can be sent to users when an activity is created,
modified, cleared, deleted, or as a reminder when it’s about to become due, as well as when a sales opportunity is created or modified, or as a reminder when it has reached the “Next Chase Date”.

Scheduler and Notification Services feature comes as standard with Pegasus Opera 3 Business Software when you upgrade from opera 2

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