Security: What is Malware?

//Security: What is Malware?

Security: What is Malware?

Malware is a term used for Malicious Software.

This software can get into your computer and perform actions without your permission, giving hackers full access to your machine. You could compare it to a common cold. You probably can’t remember the exact time you got infected and it may even stay dormant. However, once it’s active, you start to notice the damage its actually doing. Just like a cold, malware changes over time. It develops constantly and finds new ways to access your device or go around your antivirus software. Mal-ware was initially designed as a form of cyber vandalism, breaking computers or changing your background. It has since been adopted by cyber criminals and is used to hold files for ransom, steal passwords to access bank accounts or track information to steal identities.

How does Malware affect me?

Malware can affect almost any device, from your computer, phone or tablet all the way to larger systems, such as servers and databases. It is not limited to devices that are on-line either, malware can get into debit card readers, POS systems, ATMs and other types of devices via a usb, infected cards, or even loaded on at the factory. Malicious software is also a growing security threat to small and medium businesses. Mal ware causes damage to your device or software, which might mean your device will not operate the way it used to or might even shut down completely. Other types of malicious software, known as ransomware, lock or delete files. Mal-ware can also lead to your personal or organisational information falling into the wrong hands. For businesses, even small ones, this could result in fines, loss of customers, and reputational damage.

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