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What is a Human Firewall? and how it differs from a firewall appliance

Posted by Richard Common on 11-Jan-2017 13:06:38

Cyber attacks and breaches in data security and IT security happen almost every single day. Many presume that software gaps or technology mistakes wholly contribute to these attacks, but in reality, human mistakes contribute about 31% of these cyber breaches.

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Is this nasty clause in your Local IT Support contract in Newcastle?

Posted by Richard Common on 28-Jul-2016 14:43:15

Does your IT Support agreement in Newcastle contain this nasty clause?

These days when there is so much competition, it still amazes me to see this clause being included in Local IT Support Agreements for Newcastle-based businesses.

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2 IT Support Best Practice Tips

Posted by Richard Common on 13-Jul-2016 16:26:07

2 IT Support Best Practice tips to consider when choosing a Managed Services Provider

When choosing an IT Support Managed Services Provider, take note of these 2 best practice tips that you should look for as it could save you time, energy and money!

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