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Posted by Richard Common on 13-Mar-2017 12:24:44

Richard Common and Joe Olabode talk about the business benefits of doing things slightly different when it comes to the modern way of working.

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Ultimate Business Productivity Booster

Posted by Richard Common on 13-Feb-2017 12:57:45


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A day in the life of a modern executive

Posted by Richard Common on 20-Jan-2017 10:00:28


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Pegasus Opera 3 CRM Software Features

Posted by Richard Common on 11-Oct-2016 09:48:13

Pegasus CRM Features

  • Fully integrated CRM application for Opera 3 which eliminates the need to maintain data on multiple systems.
  • Maintain company details: single point of entry for new prospects or cross-reference existing customers / suppliers from the Sales or Purchase ledgers.
  • Maintain unlimited contact details (including site addresses) within a company.
  • New contacts can automatically update Microsoft Outlook address book.
  • User definable fields and look ups for Opportunity, Contact and Company forms.
  • Send e-mail/e-shots and import incoming e-mail from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Record notes and history against a contact.
  • Remote access available for sales people on the move.
  • History automatically updated by activities that take place such as letters and mailshots.
  • Record and track sales opportunities against a contact.
  • Quotations can be generated for a prospect or customer and associated with a sales opportunity.
  • Book appointments with a contact: these can be added automatically to your MS Outlook calendar and recorded against the contact history. Log 'to do' tasks against a contact, opportunities, helpdesk calls or contracts.
  • Send e-mails via MS Outlook for a contact or group.
  • Generate mail shots (using Microsoft Word) for list of contacts/groups.
  • Convert prospect/quotation details to live customer/sales order.
  • Flexible reporting system via CRM reports and MS Excel allowing easy customisation.
  • Sales funnel report.
  • Sales forecasting reports, adjusted for probability. Analysis of sales by status/contact/user/company for a given date range.
  • Activity Reports, including time based reports.
  • Set up call templates which also allows the automatic creation of Sales Opportunities when logging new Helpdesk Calls. Opportunities are added into the pipeline instantly; all linked back to the Helpdesk Call.
  • Update Outlook calendars via Outlook Meeting Request for all staff. All activities throughout CRM, and also any meeting requests to engineering/external staff through both the Summary and Resource Scheduler; can be added. Meeting invitations can be sent to one or more internal or external contacts. The recipients of the e-mail can then either accept the invitation, or reject it.

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Bringing customer service, care & satisfaction to the forefront

Posted by Richard Common on 09-Sep-2016 08:00:00

How is customer service changing?

Think of customer service in three waves:

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