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Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 on any device for Edinburgh Business

Posted by Richard Common on 03-Jan-2017 15:39:16

Familiar Office experience designed for iPad with Word, PowerPoint, Excel

  • Fantastic touch experience built from the ground up for iPad
  • Edit, create, and collaborate to create beautifully designed documents
  • Anywhere access to your up-to-date documents in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

Office apps on any device

  • Seamlessly switch devices and keep the rich experience using Office Mobile, Office Online, Office for iPad
  • Create professional output even without your own machine, using any browser
  • Get your personalized Office experience on all your devices with Office 365 ProPlus
  • Be instantly productive in a new location by streaming Office to any Internet-connected PC
  • Full, rich Office experience, even offline with Office365 ProPlus

Touch, Ink and Voice

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4 Ways to Safeguard your Business

Posted by Richard Common on 21-Dec-2016 13:21:19

We have solutions that can benefit your business. Here’s how:

  • Help protect sensitive info on mobile devices with built-in data encryption for data security. Make access easier and more secure with facial and fingerprint recognition. (Windows 10) Get up-to-date anti-malware protection and 247 incident response in the cloud. (Microsoft Office 365, Azure) Detect and alert security breaches early. Protect data sent in email by preventing actions like editing and copy-and-paste. (MS Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS))
  • Get scalable, cost-effective backup in the cloud, with the ability to restore quickly, and up to 99 years of data retention for legal compliance. (Azure Backup) Keep your files synchronized across devices and access them anywhere, anytime, both online and offline. (OneDrive for Business) Automate Microsoft SQL Server database backups to the cloud. Encrypt backup files and restore to the cloud if needed. (Azure)
  • Get automated disaster recovery in the cloud without major capital expense. (Azure Site Recovery) Access your latest work even if you leave your laptop at home. (OneDrive for Business) Have confidence that a lost laptop is protected with built-in data encryption. (Windows 10 BitLocker) Remotely wipe business data from mobile devices. (Enterprise Mobility Suite)
  • Help ensure compliant behavior by getting an alert when sensitive info is about to be emailed. (Office 365 Data Loss Prevention) Use cloud services that are independently verified for compliance with a range of standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA and EU Model Clauses. (Azure, Office 365) Have confidence that Microsoft is continually working to help customers meet the latest industry and regional certifications.
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Top New Features in Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Posted by Richard Common on 05-Dec-2016 17:05:13

Safeguard your business

  • Just in Time and Just Enough Administration.
  • Windows Defender for malware protection.
  • Trusted/Secure boot.
  • Shielded virtual machines.
  • Host guardian services.

Improve IT efficiency and productivity

  • Enhanced containers.
  • Stretch clusters.
  • Rolling cluster O/S upgrades.
  • Storage Spaces Direct.
  • Storage replica.
  • Storage Quality of Service.
  • Remote Desktop Services.

Ready for the Cloud

  • Encrypted Virtual Machines and Containers.
  • Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Storage.
  • Azure Active Directory.
  • RSMT Azure Remote Server Management Tools.
  • Microsoft Business Software Operations Manager Suite.

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Production control system integrating manufacturing management

Posted by Richard Common on 28-Nov-2016 14:57:32

Operations II: Manufacturing solution

Operations II is an ideal system for small to medium sized manufacturing companies looking to implement cost effective manufacturing software solutions. It is a complete production system that integrates manufacturing management and quality control with the financial system. The profit on jobs can be assessed, purchase invoices matched against goods inward receipts, and stock control actively managed.


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Pegasus P11D Organiser, Expenses, Benefits Tracking Software Features

Posted by Richard Common on 18-Nov-2016 14:07:21

Pegasus P11D Organiser is an powerful advanced system for managing expenses and benefits. Designed by experienced ex-HMRC Compliance Officers with a view to eliminating exposure to incorrect or late returns, the software can be used throughout the year as an expenses and management system providing an accurate audit trail of every individual item of benefit and expense.

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Pegasus Business Cloud - Accelerate your Business Growth

Posted by Richard Common on 13-Oct-2016 12:08:03

Pegasus Business Cloud - Accelerate your Business Growth

Click here to go to the slideshare presentation of Pegasus Business Cloud

No need to upgrade your hardware or IT infrastructure and no local servers are required.

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Pegasus Opera 3 CRM Software Features

Posted by Richard Common on 11-Oct-2016 09:48:13

Pegasus CRM Features

  • Fully integrated CRM application for Opera 3 which eliminates the need to maintain data on multiple systems.
  • Maintain company details: single point of entry for new prospects or cross-reference existing customers / suppliers from the Sales or Purchase ledgers.
  • Maintain unlimited contact details (including site addresses) within a company.
  • New contacts can automatically update Microsoft Outlook address book.
  • User definable fields and look ups for Opportunity, Contact and Company forms.
  • Send e-mail/e-shots and import incoming e-mail from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Record notes and history against a contact.
  • Remote access available for sales people on the move.
  • History automatically updated by activities that take place such as letters and mailshots.
  • Record and track sales opportunities against a contact.
  • Quotations can be generated for a prospect or customer and associated with a sales opportunity.
  • Book appointments with a contact: these can be added automatically to your MS Outlook calendar and recorded against the contact history. Log 'to do' tasks against a contact, opportunities, helpdesk calls or contracts.
  • Send e-mails via MS Outlook for a contact or group.
  • Generate mail shots (using Microsoft Word) for list of contacts/groups.
  • Convert prospect/quotation details to live customer/sales order.
  • Flexible reporting system via CRM reports and MS Excel allowing easy customisation.
  • Sales funnel report.
  • Sales forecasting reports, adjusted for probability. Analysis of sales by status/contact/user/company for a given date range.
  • Activity Reports, including time based reports.
  • Set up call templates which also allows the automatic creation of Sales Opportunities when logging new Helpdesk Calls. Opportunities are added into the pipeline instantly; all linked back to the Helpdesk Call.
  • Update Outlook calendars via Outlook Meeting Request for all staff. All activities throughout CRM, and also any meeting requests to engineering/external staff through both the Summary and Resource Scheduler; can be added. Meeting invitations can be sent to one or more internal or external contacts. The recipients of the e-mail can then either accept the invitation, or reject it.

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Dell and VMware Better together - Desktop & Application Virtualisation

Posted by Richard Common on 05-Oct-2016 10:14:00

VMware and Dell have enjoyed a long partnership, developing first-to-market client virtualisation solutions designed to address a range of customer workloads.

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Client Desktop and Application Virtualisation - Dell & VMware Horizon

Posted by Richard Common on 03-Oct-2016 10:11:08

Desktop and application virtualisation: A whole new world

With workforces becoming increasingly mobile, organisations are faced with having to protect their most valuable assets: people and data.

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Pegasus CIS Business Software - Sub Contractors - Construction

Posted by Richard Common on 28-Sep-2016 10:46:30

Pegasus CIS (PCIS) Subcontractors focuses on controlling all aspects of subcontractor administration, enabling any company that operates under the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme to efficiently manage payments, tax and retention while covering all of the legislative requirements.

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