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CIS for Pegasus Opera 3 Stock Control Module

Posted by Richard Common on 26-Sep-2016 14:10:41

Stock Control

Integration between Stock Control and Contract Purchasing allows stock to be ordered from suppliers against contracts. Stock can be Allocated, Reserved and Issued to a contract, posting relevant costs to the contract. When allocating stock to a contract it is possible to nominate the period in which that allocation is required. This is extremely useful where there is a requirement to plan stock issues to a contract based on when it will be required.

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Pegasus CIS Business Software - Contract Management - Construction

Posted by Richard Common on 23-Sep-2016 14:43:40

Pegasus CIS (PCIS) lets you see the profitability of the contract and the calculated costs to completion.

PCIS is a software solution specifically designed for the construction and contracting industries. Not only will it make you fully compliant with the taxman, it'll also bring astonishing efficiencies to your contract management.

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Manufacturing Software from Pegasus

Posted by Richard Common on 20-Sep-2016 13:18:15

Total production control system software, integrating manufacturing management, order processing and quality control.

Operations II: Manufacturing Software Solution

Operations II is an ideal system for SME manufacturing companies looking to implement a cost effective manufacturing solution - a complete production system that integrates manufacturing management and quality control with the financial system.

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Pegasus Web Xchange Timesheets Demo

Posted by Richard Common on 18-Sep-2016 08:00:00

Pegasus Web Xchange Timesheets Demo

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Why Pegasus Opera Business Cloud?

Posted by Richard Common on 14-Sep-2016 11:00:00

Why the Business Cloud

Reduce your total cost of ownership

No need to upgrade your hardware or IT infrastructure and no local servers are required.

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Pegasus Opera 3 Modules

Posted by Richard Common on 12-Sep-2016 13:38:32

The Opera 3 Modules

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Reason 17 - Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade - Business Improvement Features

Posted by Richard Common on 07-Sep-2016 09:31:00

Since the first release of Opera 3, we’ve added many more exciting new features to provide you with software that works hardest for your business through business improvement features. When using Pegasus Business Software you’ll also benefit from all these:

New report engine

In Opera 3 (O3) you can run multiple reports at the same time and reports can remain open whilst you navigate to other screens.  The new search facility creates a list of bookmarks that link to the relevant results of your search so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Document Management Desktop

Pegasus Document Management Desktop brings the benefits of Document Management directly to the desktop of everyone in the office, independent of O3. It allows instant retrieval and utilisation of documents stored within the Document Management database, and enables electronic capture of documents. Document Management Desktop users do not affect the O3 user count and the application is available at a fraction of the price. PCI Monpellier also provide Pegasus Document Management Support.

Improved user assistance

Opera 3 Help has been restructured and significantly improved, and now includes a What’s New section and a How To section.

Enhanced user interface

You’ll find navigating around Opera 3 easy, with the improved user interface delivering a fresh, modern look and feel, and a ribbon bar with meaningful icons to help make navigation easier.

Service & Helpdesk Management enhancements

Batch Generate Preventative Maintenance Calls

Preventative Maintenance calls due for items in the Equipment Register can be created in bulk, saving valuable time. Choose how they operate, whether to use contracts which include preventative maintenance visits, or whether to simply maintain and service equipment items.

Summary Scheduler

The Summary Scheduler in Helpdesk Management provides the perfect solution for scheduling, rescheduling and viewing calls in bulk, rather than from the individual calls. A summary view of all resources can be displayed for the chosen month.  Flexible filtering allows for more accurate planning such as Installation Calls Only, for engineers that work out of hours, or calls that are allocated to a specific department.

Other features added to O3 to enhance your experience include:

  • New chart controls.
  • Modeless reporting.
  • Improved form functions through enhanced graphical representation.
  • Mouse wheel navigation and double click processing.
  • Password expiry.


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Reason 16 - Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade - Business Cloud

Posted by Richard Common on 05-Sep-2016 09:31:00

Flexible, mobile and cost-effective

Pegasus Business Cloud (BC) is a flexible, secure and reliable alternative to implementing Opera 3 (O3) on your premises.

O3 is a complete business solution ideal for any small to mid-size business, and purchasing it to own outright is the right decision for many companies. For others, low cost of ownership and the agility offered by mobile computing are just as important. This is why Pegasus now offers you the choice of deploying O3 in the cloud.

Pegasus BC combines the rich functionality of O3 with the flexibility of mobile computing so that users have access to systems, information and processes no matter where they are or which device they have handy. Whether in the office or on the go, on a laptop or on a tablet, they’ll have fast, portable and instant access to O3, allowing them to monitor suppliers, customers, accounts and all the processes that O3 provides...all for a single monthly cost.

When you sign up for O3 in the cloud, a hosted virtual server is available for your use. This server includes Windows Server/SQL Server and 65GB of space, which leaves about 20GB of free space. You also get 5GB RAM. Onto this server is installed an image that contains the operating system, the Opera 3 system and a pre-licensed copy of Microsoft Office. All you need to do to access Pegasus Business Cloud is to download the Citrix Receiver client to the device being used.

Once installation and activations are complete, users log into the Pegasus BC service and use O3 as if it were installed on your premises. This means that it can be accessed from any location that has internet access. Opera 3 on Pegasus Business Cloud works well on desktop and laptop computers and tablets. Because of the screen size on smartphones, these devices are not ideal.

If you decide that O3 in the cloud is the best way forward for your needs, the things to consider when making your decision are the number of Opera 3 users and applications, the number of MS Office users, the internet speed you have available and how much additional disk space or RAM you may require.

Pegasus Business Cloud benefits:

• 24/7 remote access.
• No upfront software licencing costs.
• No recurring annual maintenance costs.
• No investment in hardware infrastructure.
• No requirement for dedicated IT staff.
• Server backup and security are taken care of by the hosting provider.
• Improved cash flow because there’s no up-front capital expenditure, just a monthly operational payment.
• Anti-virus and spam filters are always up-to-date.

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Reason 15 - Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade - HMRC VAT 100 Filing Online

Posted by Richard Common on 03-Sep-2016 09:31:00

File your VAT return online from Opera 3

HMRC has phased out paper VAT returns. Most companies have to submit their VAT returns online and pay any VAT due electronically.
Opera 3 works with the Online Filing Manager so that you can file your return online using the GovernmentGateway, the internet portal where businesses can access the online services provided by a range of Government departments. Opera 3 and the Online Filing Manager comply with HMRC requirements for filing online.

Transaction values linked to VAT codes that are marked to be included on the VAT100 return are also included on the VAT Online form, which is accessed from the VAT Processing form in the System Manager. The form displays the values for each box on the VAT100 return, calculated by Opera 3 from the sales and supply transactions posted in the application.

You can amend the calculated values if required. After a successful submission has been made to the Government Gateway, the boxes are disabled so you won’t be able to change the values. If a submission is failed by the Government Gateway, you can amend the boxes before submitting the VAT return again.
A note is displayed in the Government Gateway Response box which confirms whether the submission was successful or not.

There are lots of benefits to submitting your VAT Return online:

  • Speed: going through the online registration and enrolment process takes just a few minutes.
  • Security: all transmissions are secure because they are encrypted to the highest commercial standards and you have a unique User ID and password.
  • Convenience: the service is available all the time.
  • Accuracy: there are checks to help reduce errors so there is less chance of having your return sent back to you for correction or clarification.
  • Reliability: you get an acknowledgment from HMRC including a unique submission receipt reference number.
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Reason 14 - Pegasus Opera 2 Upgrade - Stock take

Posted by Richard Common on 01-Sep-2016 09:00:03

Keeping accurate stock levels

Stocktake improves accountability and stock management, helping you maintain accurate stock levels.

By identifying any stock movements not accounted for by normal processing, Stocktake helps to pinpoint rates of loss and cost implications.

With Stocktake, product information can be extracted from Opera 3 Stock Control, divided and allocated to worksheets so that the relevant personnel can perform manual counts.

On completion, management can run a cross-check, make corrections and post adjustments back into Opera 3 to automatically update stock levels.

Stocktake Profiles

Stocktake Profiles allow you to define how stock items are processed when using Stocktake. You can specify how often a stocktake should be performed on certain items and how many times stock items are counted. You can also specify
tolerance percentages, which are used when the actual quantities found during a stocktake are different to the quantities on the system; stock counts outside the acceptable limit are then flagged up for attention and cannot be posted until the issue is resolved.

A default Stocktake Profile is automatically allocated to all current Stock Profiles when Update Data Structures is performed. You can either utilise this or delete it and add one or more new profiles. If you create more than one Stocktake Profile, you need to link them to your Stock Profiles or to your warehouses for each item as necessary.

Moving stock that is currently in a stocktake

A stock item can be issued to customers or receipted into stock whilst being counted via Stocktake. This means that other areas of the business can continue to use the Stock Control application and the count currently in progress is not affected. Stocktake users are given the 'Adjusted' value, which is calculated automatically by the system, and have the flexibility to choose which quantity should be posted back into Opera 3.

Selecting items for a stocktake

You can select the items to include in a stocktake based on the warehouse and bin number they are located in, by stock category, or from a range of stock references. You also have the option to include only items that are due to be counted (ie items that are supposed to be counted at regular intervals) or items that are overdue for a count.

Filtering items by bin location

If you are using bin locations, you can split up and plan your stocktakes based on bin locations, allowing for logical counts to be undertaken more effectively.

Controlling adjustment costs

This gives you the flexibility to choose between Last Cost price, Standard or Average Cost to calculate adjustment costs from Stocktake to Opera 3. Being able to choose the items Last Cost price enables more accurate reporting and analysis.

"The new functionality means that we can perform our month-end much faster, and because stock management is integrated with our accounting processes, we have 100% visibility of inventory, production and delivery schedules."
Paul Birnie, Financial Director, Wensleydale Dairies

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